Haydn natural latex foam encase pocketed spring mattress

  • High-quility fabric:
    Use knitted fabric to enhance the touch feeling.
  • Natural silk:
    The silk fiber contains hydrophilic side chain amino acids, which prevents the skin from drying out, can quickly emit heat, and hsa good air permeability.
  • 3-zone side-enhance pocketed spring coil:
    2.4mm frame enhance spring design, can increase sleeping space, make the mattress safer and 100% fully used.
  • High-density and comfortable foam:
    The use of high-density foam layer allows more intimate and comfortable contact with sleep and makes sleep a pleasure.
  • Environmental protection and non-toxic internal material bonding:
    A comprehensive upgrade of the pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesive bonding technology to ensure that each mattress is 100% non-toxic, odorless, and strengthened internal materials are stable.
  • Non-Flip non-turning design:
    Simplifying the mattress maintenance procedures, making home life more comfortable.