1. It adopts the latest design and fashionable fabric of Belgium Bekaert Deslee, and adopts the hydrophilical viscose fabric, which is skin-friendly, breathable, moisture-aborbing, and comfortable to sleep.
  2. YARBOR HD high support pocketed spring mattress, with high resilience support, low interference, quite and silent, ergonomic, the best choice for comfortable sleep.
  3. Flexible lsolate Pad, excellent breathability, elasticity and tension, effectively support and and protect the health of the spine.
  4. Using HR high resilience latex-like foam, it has excellent ventilation, elasticity and support, and provides sufficient support for the back.
  5. Pillow-Top design increases the breathability of the comfort layer and sleep comfort.






Springs have a 10-year warranty
1 Year Warranty on Mattress Interiors