The professional mattress manufacturer, started as mattress contract manufacturer, Panbor Furniture is one of the few domestic companies that owns continuous operation production technology. It is the largest Taiwan mattress manufacturer. In years, Panbor Furniture continuously develops new raw materials to improve products' comfortable and durable properties. Its objective is to establish itself as the leading mattress brand name in consumers' eyes. Its priority mission is to provide customers with the highest sleeping quality. Through 10 years' hard work, there are many own brands. The annual sales are over 10% in Taiwan's mattress market. In addition to the receiving of many patents and product material test approval, in 2006, it received ISO-9001 international quality system certification and ISO-14001 international environmental system certification.

To achieve environmental protection and health objectives, Panbor Furniture produces natural foam rubber that can ventilate and preserve heat and adjust temperature. It has unique mattress foam rubber surface layer sewed flower technology. The natural foam rubber is machine sewed under the surface cloth layer and enable body skin to contact directly and experience the properties and performances of natural foam rubber. This patent has received ROC patent certificate. And, the mattress materials used are the selected natural foam rubber, silk and flaxen etc. natural environmental protection fine and delicate raw materials. It is the first in industry to apply high technology nano functional cloth materials HR breathing type air pad cotton etc. materials to the mattress materials. In the spring structure, it utilizes medium steel high carbon steel non-radiation contamination and proprietarily developed high elasticity spring structure and high carbon steel the same grade as the piano string. After high steel treatment, the carbon contents are higher than normal products. The high efficiency elasticity makes people feels fresh and new. It has excellent durability and not easily to be distorted. All Panbor Furniture products are insured with ten thousand dollars Hsinkwan property insurance with permanent product after services.

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