New Sleep-ism, Natural and Eco-friendly.

Based on main materials of silk, cotton, linen, natural latex, and so on, the product series follows healthy theme simple and elegent floral patterns.

Improve the Quality of Living with Sleep Master

Sleep Master is awarded The Most Comforting Award of furniture session from Beautiful Home Magazine's The Best Life Consultant; we are also accredited as one of Taiwanese Local Great Manufacturers. With these honors, we are dedicated to our promises with the quality branding.

Sleep master, master of sleep.

Product Series :


Represents the acheivements of wishes, and the reflashment of life. The series is inspired from all hopes from life.


Cores with natural and eco-friendly, through various floral meanings and colorful patterns, to show the unique fashion styles.

Star Products :Comfort Dream, Dreams Come True, Wishbone Flower

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