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More people nowadays value the quality of life, especially for working moms who struggle between their work and family, quality sleep is essential. With feminine design, TENLLiS fulfills modern female's needs to delicate and tender mattresses. TENLLiS only provides like the fairy tale Princess and the Pea, the most delicate, the most comforting mattress. We take care of your happiness at night, far away from all the running-around and hazzle during the day. Your most soothing, up-on-the-cloud quality of sleep is our utmost commitment.
Dedicated royal indulgement and luxury, for every TENLLiS princess.

TENLLiS is commited to provide only best material and assembly techniques, with most unique and innovative bedding application, for your enbracing, exquisite, and tender daily sleeping experience.

Product Series : European Gorgerous, Classic Melody, Natural Lohas, French Festival, Floral Fantasy, Splender Hotel

Star Products : Aegean Sea, Romantic Cloud, Lightness

Head Distributor : 水月國際有限公司


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