65-year-old Pan Bindee started his career by drawing steel wire. He drew thick and long steel wires again and again into new specifications. By chance, he and his brother invested together and product the first spring mattress. In 1980, the developed by themselves the semi-automatic spring manufacturing machine. It was use widely by mattress manufacturers and changed the production conditions of Taiwan spring mattress manufacturing. That is to say, the old generation northern Taiwan people may not have heard Panbor. However, Aifeng should not be a stranger to them. That is, Aifeng is the forerunner of Panbor. Around 11 years ago, the Pan brothers broke up. Aifeng spring mattress has stopped production for a period of time. Unwilling to part with his old professional, in 1998, he established Panbor Furniture Company Limited. It takes the word evergreen. And with the modernized localization, Panbor's name change added foreign flavor. Panbor started as the contract manufacturing of mattresses. Currently, the professional mattress manufacturer, Panbor Furniture, has 120 employees. Headquarter Taoyuan Kweisan factory has 10,000 square meters land. Chiayi Dalin factory has 5,000 square meters.

The first in continuous production process technology, it improves the yield of production line. Every month, it can produce over 10,000 pieces of mattresses.

The annual sales of mattresses exceed 30% of Taiwan's market. It is the largest mattress manufacturer in Taiwan.The business grows tremendously. Two years ago, the elder son, Pan Chihwei, working as software programmer for technology industries in Taipei, was called back to the company and was appointed the position as President of Panbor.

To produce good mattress, Pan Bindee utilizes his understanding of steel material properties, and developed by himself the high elasticity spring, the same class as the piano string.

The new generation Panbor professional research and development team innovated the foam rubber surface layer sewed flower technology. It use machine to sew the natural foam rubber under the surface cloth layer so that body skin can contact directly and experience the properties and performance of natural foam rubber.

These two patents have received ROC patent certificate. And, the materials of the mattresses are also selected natural foam rubber, silk and flax etc. natural environmental protection exquisite materials. And, high technology nano functional cloth, and HR breathing air mattress cotton etc. materials are also used as the materials for mattresses. The diligent work is to hope that people can sleep on higher quality and more comfortable mattress products. For sustained development, Panbor's object is to produce the highest quality mattress. Last year, it received two international certifications, ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 14001 environmental certification. Panbor father and son's based on Taiwan and keep an eye on the world idea is to be proud of ourselves as brand name manufacturer in Taiwan.
Report Lee Yuan Ping reporting.