The origin of Panbor

History of PANBOR Group

Promises have to be fulfilled and borrowing money must be paid back. These are the life philosophy from our old Chairman who is Bin-Dee Pan. In the earlier days, he paid special attention to the credit and preferred to take losses himself for keeping his promises. His attitude for 100% guarantee was appreciated by most people. Thus, people called him Uncle Pan (Panbor). The pronunciation of uncle is bor in Chinese and the same as pine tree so we took the meaning of in long life and ever green as the name of company.

The chairman started his business in steel wire drawing that needed patience and experience till pulling the wire as customer’s requests. By chance in 1978, he and his younger brother produced first spring mattress that an old generation may not hear the Panbor but should know an Ai-Feng. Yes, Ai-Feng was the forerunner of Panbor. Although it appeared shortly, many people looked forward to hearing an innovation of bedding industries from Panbor.

In 1981s, we developed the spring machine of semi-automatic by ourselves. It was been used by the most mattress manufacturers and changed the industry in Taiwan. The Panbor Furniture Company Ltd. established in 1998 and became the professional mattress manufactory.

The largest mattress manufacturer in Taiwan

We started to supply the service in OEM & ODM by consistent process, which was first local factory. There are around 200 employees in our 4 factories. The headquarters is about 10,000 square meters and others are nearly 5,000 square meters. The output is over 20,000 units per month so we become the largest manufactory in Taiwan.

Research and development for Patent

The chairman understands the steel properties and developed the same level as piano string for a spring of high elasticity by himself. After that the R&D team innovated the unique quilted tech that was sewn a latex with surface fabric directly. The skin can feel what the latex is. These 2 patents were been approved by ROC. As for the upholsteries, we selected prudently the nature and eco-friendly materials such as latex, silk, flax and so on. In addition, we used the high-tech in nano-textile and HR breathing pad for mattress. We hope that people will get a best sleep and more comfortable mattress.

Expanding the brand

In 2005s, we considered the long-range business so started to build own brand for supplying the high-end mattress. And then our factory applied to the ISO for 9001 quality and 14001 environmental certificates in 2006. We are proud to be the local manufactory and focus on global market.

Panbor's Milestone

President Mr. Pan, Bin-Di invented the first semiautomatic machine for making a string of springs in Southeast Asia. It’s been the start for the spring auto-production in domestic market.
Manufacturing in steel wire of spring.
President and his younger brother founded the brand "Lovely Phoenix“ for mattress.
Established the PANBOR Furniture Co., Ltd in Guishan and built the consistent line for mass production and improves the sale channel by dealers.
Achieving the output in 3,000 mattresses per month. And then set up the branch in Taichung.
Setting up the branch in Ping-dong.
Taking the automatic quilting machine by computer system.
Upgraded the machine for making a pocket spring.
Setting up the second factory in Jiayi.
Established the Water Moon Furniture Co., Ltd who is in charge of promoting the own brand “TENLLiS” & “Sleepmaster” for entering the high class mattress market.
Obtained the quality assurance of ISO9001 and double environmental certification of ISO14001.
Won the National Quality Award of product.
Implemented the business management for PANBOR Group.
To advance the 5S (Structure、System、 sanitize、Standard、Self-discipline) activities.
To advance the 5S (Structure、System、 sanitize、Standard、Self-discipline) activities.
Passed the 16 CFR1633 fire test of U.S. regulation for mattress.
Setting up the duty system by each dep. and improving the efficiency.
Increasing the output in 12,000 mattresses per month.
Built the branch in Chengdu, Mainland China.
Introducing the SAP B1 and ERP system for improving the management speed.
Setting up the forth factory in Ping-dong for the local orders by local production.

Completed the new modern mattress plant in JiaYi DaPuMai.
Open the U.S. mattress market foundry business
Increase overall mattress production to 25000 pcs per month.