How to identify a reuse mattress?

How to Select Mattress

If you would like to know a mattress that is good or not…

  • 1st step: To press the different parts of mattress then see and touch how a surface is even or bumpy.
  • 2nd step: To smell a mattress, which is fusty or not.
  • 3rd step: Hearing. To thrust a mattress by knee or elbow and listen to any sound as rub of wires. A spring may be bad or rusty.

How to select a suitable mattress for bed user?

There is the specialized knowledge that chooses a good mattress. Why? There are many kinds of mattresses on the market. Some are good and some are bad. There is no standard or reference book. When purchasing, it is difficult to find out the quality instantly. Firstly, there is the most important condition that considers the health of spine. Others are

<1> Are there a good ventilation, gas permeable, antibiotic or mold proof?

Comparing with different materials, the best one is been mixed nature and chemical to make a stuff. If there is only chemistry made, some are muggy, airproof or humid that is not good for health.

<2> Is there a support completely?

The materials of mattress are very important with support. Because some are too soft or hard, our spine may be curve that will affect a physique.

<3> Is there the sufficient tension on surface?

The surface of mattress must totally support a body. During the sleep, we will spread the body unconsciously. If the surface of mattress could not balance our weight, it will be the contraction of a muscle and then people will turn over in bed frequently. In addition, it will compress our muscle and spine to cause us a pain.

<4> Does a mattress fit us?

Each part of our body shall be properly fitted to the surface of the bed no matter how we toss about on a bed. At the same time, it shall keep our balance.

<5> Is a mattress good enough in decompression?

A good mattress includes function of health and comfort as lying on cotton. You will feel good to stretch and pressure of release when you sleep.